Hidden menu of Google Assistant Commands

Regardless of device types, whether it is a plug, switch, or a motor, you can say this phrase to Google Assistant: turn on/off the (device name).

Want to ask your voice assistant to perform more complex tasks?

Here we prepare a “hidden menu” for you.

1. Confirm sensor status

It’s essential for us to confirm the current temperature (for taking care of your garden, or other scenarios) or know the door/windows status to ensure your house security.

ZigBee temperature sensor

  • What’s the temperature of my (device name)?
    e.g. what’s the temperature of my warm house?

ZigBee door sensor

  • Is my closed?
    e.g. Is my front door closed?

2. Change Lights Color

For smart light bulbs, changing color is the basic feature. By saying the commands below, you can change the lighting color instantly to fit into different scenarios, mood, etc.

  • Set the (device name) to (color)
    e.g. set the light to blue.

You can even increase or decrease the color temperature by saying certain temperature mode to get more color choices.

  • Set the (device name) (temperature mode)
    e.g. set the light to soft.

The temperature mode specifies from warm to cool.
Warm- warm / warm white / candlelight / sunset / relax; soft / soft white / incandescent /reading / reading white
Cool-white; daytime / daylight white; cool / cool white / bright white

The advanced feature of light control:

Open the eWeLink app and take a look at the device control page, if there are more color modes available, you can give the same voice commands:

Set the (device name) to (temperature specified value).
Change the (device name) to shade of (temperature specified value).
Make the (device name) (temperature specified value).

e.g. set the room light to soft white.

3. Change lights brightness

  • Set the (device name) to (brightness percent value)
    dim/brighten the (device name) by (brightness percent)

e.g. dim the light by 20%.

*Note: you can set the Kelvin value on Google Assistant. e.g. set the light to 2000 Kelvin.

4. Adjust the fanlight (fan +light)

Despite turning on/off the fanlight, you can adjust the fan speed to different levels (level 1 to 3).

  • Set the (device name) speed to (fan level).
    e.g. set the fanlight speed to 2.

What’s more, level 1 to 3 support using synonym words.

level 1: Low, Minimum
level 2: Medium, Mid
level 3: Maximum, Max, High

e.g. set the fanlight speed to mid.

:bulb:Althought the fanlight combines two components, fan and light, when you say “open the (device name)”, this command will open the fan and the light simultaneously.

If you only need to open the fan not the light, for example, open the fanlight at daytime, simply say (device name)+fan.
For instance, open the room fan.

5. Schedule your house temperature

  • Set the (device name) to (temperature value) for (schedule time)
    e.g. set the living room to 20ºC for three hours.

When you feel the room is too hot or too cold, you could say:

  • Make the (device name)(warmer)
    e.g. make the living room warmer.

Some specific modes are also available:

  • Set the (device name) thermostat to (mode)
    e.g. set the living room thermostat to auto.

:bulb: mode value: auto; cool; heat; eco; off

6. Control the travel of your roller shutter

Instead of saying open or close the roller shutter, you could decide the open/close percentage.

  • Set the (device name) to (percent)
    e.g. set the door to 30%.

When the door is fully opened, and you want the door close a bit but not entirely, set the travel schedule by saying:

  • Increase/decrease the (device name) by (percent)
    e.g. decrease the door by 50%.

If you change your mind and want to stop the travel, then say:

  • Pause the (device name)
    e.g. pause the door.

7. Make full use of your humidifier

The humidifier can be controlled separately. You can choose to switch only the light on, or just change the mist level.

  • Turn on/off (one of the device component name) on the (device name)
    e.g. turn on/off the mist/light on the humidifier.

The light of humidifier shares the same commands as normal light bulbs, lamps, or light strips. Check the above section “Change Lights Color”.

To change the mist level, you could say:

  • Set the (device name) mist level to (mist level)
    #mist level: small, large.
    e.g. set the room mist level to large.

The humidifiers are hard to find. Where can I buy them considering I live in Europe?

@natalia.long colleagues from Market develop team can help to check with the humidifier partner