Granular User Control

As an admin of my EWeLink setup, to aide troubleshooting and also provide knowledge of activity in a property, I have push notifications enabled.

However, it should be possible to send notifications to admins only, or all users, or be granular in setting who receives notifications.

Please could this feature be considered as notifications can be very annoying to some users, especially when used with motion sensors or frequently used switches?

Perhaps if other admin users have similar need for granularity, it can be included here.

And doesn’t the email notification option in scenes do this?
You will only receive information on one main account address.

You can always create notifications based on webhook and macrodroid.

If you recall from earlier discussions, my goal is to stick within just one ecosystem - EWeLink! While email may serve this purpose, that’s clunky and not real-time enough and requires bolt-on functionality at a higher cost to the user.

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