[Feature Request] Create Virtual Devices Natively in iHost without Node-Red

It quite easy to create just a virtual appliance. Don’t know why it is not possible directly under ihost. As usual a missing functionality.

I am talking about create a virtual appliance directly under ihost without using Node Red which is not possible.

@songal Do you guys have plan for this feature?

Virtual devices act as a bridge between user and real devices, which is the point of their existence.

At present, the main sources of iHost’s devices are zigbee devices added by the gateway and API-registered devices, the virtual device belongs to the latter, while the API device always needs to depend on the existence of a certain add-on in the docker, it needs to use the add-on as a server for sending and receiving information for itself.

Therefore, by creating the virtual devices in iHost, it will lose its source support, which is not in line with the existing logic.

I have a virtual switch set in node-red but it cannot be controlled on the nspanel pro screen.
Virtual Switch does not change state when pressed.
You can add control functions via API