Ewelink you've reached limit of live audience

“You’ve reached limit of live audience” In an advanced plan, an inscription appeared on one of the four cameras.

Could you please provide the screenshot where the prompt appeared?

Hello. The camera is installed on a house 3,300 kilometers away from me and I will only have access to it in a month. I’m the only one who uses it.

пт, 7 июн. 2024 г. в 13:14, StephenJ via eWeLink Forum <notifications@ewelinkforum.discoursemail.com>:

did you share this camera with another user for viewing?
Because the prompt appears when the number of viewers is over 2, so if you didn’t share the camera with another user, we may need some time to check it out.

I use the camera alone, only I have access. I can’t even get to the settings to be able to reboot it. Before this, it worked for half a year without problems. I have 3 cameras in my house. The other two work fine. An optical cable has been laid to the house.

Do you view the camera in the WEB or any other smart displays at the same time? i think the prompt would be triggered in such case.

Sometimes I turned on the broadcast on my phone and computer, but it did not lead to the same result. And this time, it worked in the evening and in the morning such an inscription appeared. The camera may have frozen, but in the camera settings I can’t restart it. I changed my account password, but that didn’t help.

After the object was completely de-energized, the camera started working.