Ewelink devices on my own website

I’d like to control my ewelink devices from my own website.
Which options do I have?

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I read an interesting article here by @StephenJ mentioning webhook, which may do the job.
If this correct?

Hi there, that’s correct, webhooks feature in eWeLink web let you to trigger devices or scenes by your own side, almost any services you prefer to, and we also have an open API for developers, check here 酷宅开发者平台

Make an iframe with the ewelink url. One thing i noticed to give you some page room, is make the iframe about 550-600px wide the switch boxes go into one column.

Iframe is cool, still far too limited in term of access control, if you want to manage more users.
Appraciated tip, though.

What is “iframe” …

iframe is a html tag

A page within a page. HTML iframe tag

Something microsoft came with in the explorer browser back in the end of the 1990s and its kinda some crap and not standard HTML

I personally don’t find iframes effective also.
Worth to say HTML5 supports iframes.

Got it.
We will evaluate if we can provide this functionality in a later version of the Web

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iframe works, test on my side

Thanks HeisenBerg,
how do you manage access control for multiple users on your own webpage ?

I haven’t try that yet, but I think it’s impossible to manage multiple users without implementation eWeLink API.

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I arrived to your same point!

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