Energy Dashboard

Why dont I have the Energy Dashboard? I have Basics RFR2, Basic R2, 4CHR3, 4CHProR3, BO5-BL, Minis.


Energy Dashboard only works for devices that have the ability to monitor electricity usage. These devices you mentioned do not have the ability to monitor electricity usage.

Hi Thanks.

I used to be able to view the dashboard on Alexa App

A mistake. For example I have a basic attached to a 600W heater. If it is on I know it is using 0.6 KWH and if it is off I know it is using 0KWH. The POW Range is only useful for variably powered devices. Ditto most light bulbs etc. You should allow people to mark other devices as having a fixed output and say what that output is. Most of my non-POW devices are connected to fixed output devices. Only the B1 can vary and the fan has three settings.
Also I can see my total gas and electricity usage in NodeRED on my iHost but can’t see any way to turn this into graphs even locally. Maybe I have to learn about creating a tile in eWeLink Cube and then creating an energy dashboard?