Eachen Garage opener didn´t work anymore after update

hello all, I have a problem with a Eachen garage door opener. I have everything connected properly and everything was working until I did a requested update of the firmware. After this update, the sensor, which is there to indicate the opening status of the door, switches the relay which then partially triggers the door opening. Can I somehow reload the old firmware or reset it completely?
Thanks for your help

@gabor or anybody else, did you find a solution for this?
I’m experiencing the same problem since “eWeLink induced” firmware upgrade…

firmware is not developed by eWeLink team, so maybe you shoul contact the saler or hardware manufacturer for help…

To anyone else having this issue, herewith reply for Eachen Support:


Yes, there is something wrong with the V3.7.0 firmware.

Please send me your device ID, we will release the previous firmware for your device, it will mention you to update the firmware to V5.5.5

Thank you!


@andycolinshepherd are you having same problem… (door auto open on close?)

You’ve supplied devide ID here, but you’ll need to forward to Eachen directly…

Having said that, after their initial email (as per above) I did send them the device ID on numerous occasions but never heard back (and never reverted to the old firmware )