DIY Mode Zigbee/thread iHost/?NSPP

At least the ESP 32-c6 and ESP 32-h2 variants have thread and Zigbee radios built in. Just got my ESP32 -c6 development kit. Haven’t had a play yet.

Was thinking of just pretending to the iHost to be a multicolour light or something and following the zigbee 3.0 specs(maybe thread but that looks more complicated), but then thought why not have a DIY mode in the iHOST. Internet stuff can be global but the iHost is just local so you could choose to let local zigbees do DIY.

Swipe into your own operating system and you do whatever you want DIY.

Building any of the Espressif sample apps is probably a bit complicated for most.

But I have built the matter/thread sample apps for esp-h2 and have them working with Home Assistant.

If your interested in Zigbee though, you shouldnt need any DIY mode on the ihost anyway.

Not relevant. The same was always also true for those willing to instal Tasmota etc.

[quote] you shouldnt need any DIY mode on the ihost anyway.

Installing a pre-built Tasmota binary is not even comparable to building sample apps with Espressif SDK. Even building Tasmota from source is 1000 times more straight forward than ESP-IDF.

Tasmota is not likely to get Zigee support for these chips, C6 Wifi support will come later though. Arduino support is not released yet either.

Because the Zigbee app you install on the esp, should just pair with the iHost like any other Zigbee device (provided you are using supported clusters)

It is as regards bypassing the eWeLink app, which is what we are talking about. Did I say it was comparable in every aspect or are you building a strawman?

The whole point of a DIY mode would be to bypass the need for “supported clusters”. They would be a private eWeLink DIY cluster. I know they could support clusters, at least in the cluster types they sell devices in, as I said in my very first post and which you clearly did not read.

Lol, have fun building your propriety Zigbee device then

Good luck with being you.