D1 dimmer flichering my LED lights

Just installed a D1 dimmer with remote and at low level, the three LED suspended lights are flickering. And yes, LED are dimmable.

Any thing I can do to coreect/modify my installation?

Thank you


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Hi there, in order to help you analyze the issue, I would need some more information from you. Could you please provide me with the following details:

  1. One of the device IDs where this issue is occurring?
  2. When did the problem of “light flickering when controlled by a dimmer” occur?
  3. Could you also share a video of the flickering light? (you can share it with me through tools such as Google drive)

I have the exact issue. D1 dimmer flickering with 2 different down lights. Happened as soon as I installed it. Lights are ok at 100% but anything lower and they flicker

Video uploaded

Hi there, currently I am unable to access the video. Could you grant me permission to access the video and provide the device ID of the dimmer, please?

try now :slightly_smiling_face:

Why you need the device ID? you will have access to my device?

I suppose it is because of quality bulbs.
I had the same problem with the first two kind of bulbs. With the third ones they start to flick at 28% or less.
Sonoff light bulbs work better.

I also have the same problem in two different D1 Dimmer.
And some times the light intensity changes going up or down without doing anything…
All my LED lamps are dimmable

Thank You,

i have the same problem, worse i use it for my bedroom lights. it sometimes decides to switch itself on during the night at 100%. not fun at all

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Hello, now I can see the video. At this time, it’s still unclear what’s causing the issue. Could you please provide me with the device ID of the dimmer? Is the flickering happening every time you use the dimmer to lower the brightness, or does it also happen when the brightness goes from low to high and doesn’t reach 100%? More details can help us speed up the investigation.

Hi there, thank you for your feedback. Please submit a support ticket through the eWeLink App so that we can investigate this issue more thoroughly.

A question to ask is whether the D1 is a leading edge device (cuts of the front edge of sinewave) or trailing edge (cuts the falling edge). Both types of dimmer can work with dimmable LEDs, however, due to its advantages, trailing edge is preferred, and LED manufacturers have generally designed lamps to work best with this type.
The problem I have with thee D1, still not solved is ghost switching, when it turns on randomly.
I don’t plane to invest in more D1s until this is solved.


Is there any solution for this? Or everybody is still with the same problem?
All my D1 dimmer keeps flichering my Led lights and they are all dimmable

@PeterGoGo @yitie
Hi Peter and Yitie,
Any ideia about this topic?
I thought it was a problem on my own but it seems that there are more users with the same issue…

Thanks in advance.

Hi guys, our team has looked into this issue before and we found the root cause is in the device itselft. As a software solution provider, we won’t be able to fix the device issue. Our suggestion is please contact the device seller to check the warranty.

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Hi @PeterGoGo ,
As always, you are there to help and to give a fast answer!!! Thank You

When you say to “contact the device seller” it means that each one of us should contact the seller where we’ve bought the device? Or the manufacturer of the device?

I can antecipate that if we contact the seller they will do everything to refuse our complaint because they will invoke that the problem is in the instalation or in the led lights or in any other thing…

The other problem is that each one of us will complaint individually in a different supplier and we don’t have any official statement from SONOFF…

And finally, even if we manage to get them to accept the equipment back, there is no other SONOFF equipment that can replace this one, is there?

Thanks in advance for you next reply :slight_smile:


Hi ricardo, I meant you should contact the seller instead of the manufacturer. What we can do for users is that we’ve brought this issue to the manufacturer’s attention and they located the issue. If your device is in warranty, maybe the solution would be a replacement. We couldn’t do anything more this time as the issue occurs in the device. We won’t be able to promise you a solution so we suggest you contact the seller and see what solution they can provide.

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Thank You once again @PeterGoGo !
I’ve sent an email to my supplier explaining everything and as soon as they reply me I will give you feedback.

Can you confirm if there is a new model of this Dimmer that is with this problem solved?
Is there any description that I can give to my suplier to garantee that if they replace me the dimmers they will be with the problem solved?

Thank You

As for the device issue, it’s more like a probilitiy event. It’s not a common issue to all models. Since there is no 100% perfect product in the world, there might be one or two defective products out of a hundred. We have another suggestion, when they offer you a replacement, maybe you can ask them to test the device before shipping it to you. If the issue occurs again to the replacement, contact the seller again. This should be brought to their attention again. But we do hope you will receive a nice device that works great!

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Thanks @PeterGoGo .
I already sent them back to my supplier with all the explanations you gave me.
They wiil also test them and then, they will give an answer.
As soon as I have a final solution I will give you feedback.
Thanks :slight_smile: