Control your YEELIGHT device in the eWeLink app

Hey guys, we made it happen! :partying_face:
Your YEELIGHT devices can now be controlled on eWeLink by syncing via third-party platforms linking.
Here are the steps:

  1. Open the eWeLink app and tap +, Select Link Accounts , find YEELIGHT and tap Link .
  2. Enter your YEELIGHT account and Password, then tap Sign in, then you’ve linked YEELIGHT with eWeLink successfully. Tap Sync Devices .
  3. Select the device you want to sync and tap Confirm on the top right.

:ocean: We’re working on to integrate YEELIGHT devices into other eWeLink developed services such as the eWeLink Web, Cast. Stay tuned with us!


you are doing great job!

When building a scene, if I use the s-mate as a trigger I cannot set that conditions have to be met.

I want to toggle a yeelight on and off, but in the ewelink app it doesn’t have a reverse option, only on or off.

So is there a way to toggle the light on or off with only one switch?

Hi there, YEELIGHT devices are synced to eWeLink from YEELIGHT.
Basically, we can’t make it have a “reverse” option.

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Thank you for your answer. So I get that is an integration thing that cannot be done for the yeelights.

I don’t know what your exact job is within Ewelink, but do you have any idea why conditions are turned of when using the s-mate as a trigger in scenes? It’s an amazing piece of kit, but it is marketed as a scene controller, while it is a piece of hardware that can be very well used for making dumb switches smart.

Hi. Do you know if there are any plans to link other apps such as Hao Deng or Tuya Smart

Hi, This is a great feature but I get the message that the Yeelight 1S white tunable lamps are not supported. Any chance this can be fixed?


Can’t connect Yeelight account to ewelink, because Google blocking authorization through ewelink browser. How to fix this?

Hi there, would you please attach the screenshots of this blocking?