Control heating on demand with TRVZB

Thx Alan, this solution with actuators is much more simple and probably cheaper also. I don’t understand exactly the problem regarding opening actuators for 3 Minutes? You want to say when I trigger actuator to open, it takes 3 Minutes and have to wait with boiler for 3 Mins to start heating?

You are welcome Mario. Yes I’ve introduced the 3 minute delay for valves that are fitted with an actuator as the boiler central heating circulating pump could be pumping against a closed water circuit if all of the all valves are shut as one starts to open. All the best with your project.

Hey, this is exactly what I was looking for! We keep forgetting to take the TRVs off manual and they run all night, never returning to auto.
However, I don’t understand the steps - in particular number 2. Can you clarify please? What are the IF, THEN conditions?
Thanks a million, I’ve 12 TRVs and so far they have kept me running around the house this past week, so at least I have kept warm!

Hey thanks for your feedback. To do this you will need to create 2x scene types. 1 a manual scene to switch all of the TRVZBs to auto- In this example manual scene I have 4 x TRVZBs, but you can create it with however many you require:

You will then need auto scenes to run the manual scene at pre determined times. I run mine at 59 minutes past the hour every hour. This example is my scene for 14:59. and I have 1 of these auto scenes for each hour- 24 in total

Good luck in sorting it out
PS Hopefully you are aware that the latest release of iHost firmware now allows the TRVZBs status - Heating or Keeping (not heating) to be included in the IF section of a scene so can then trigger another device to fire the boiler.

Thanks Alan, that’s helpful.
Now I get it.

And yes, I noticed the firmware update that allowed the TRVs to trigger a switch. This was a game changer as I am now firing the CH boiler independently by each radiator. I effectively have a 12 zone heating system now and the hotwater is on a timer. That upgrade was about 20 quid and I needed a new CH/HW timer controller anyway. My heating engineer was bamboozled but eventually impressed.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome Teddy. I’ve just 9 zones in my system and use Sonoff clean contact relay wi-fi switches wired in paralell to fire the boiler with another switch in series that is controlled by an outdoor temperature sensor so that although the TRVs may be in ‘Heating’ status the boiler will only fire if the external temperature is below the preset value. You may want to think about including an “anti- seizure” feaure on the TRVZBs for the summer months- every Wednesday at 00:00-00:04 my valves open - I just have a 4 minutes high temperature set in the valves smart schedule. If you do need Zigbee repeaters I’ve found that the Ikea ones - Tradfri Repeater and Tradfri Smart Mains Plug work a treat. The Ikea Tradfri Smart Mains plug (Currently £10) pairs ok with the iHost in Zigbee 2 mode- it acts as a repeater and can be switched by iHost, handy as you don’t lose the use of a mains socket. Best Wishes.