Command a switch in cast on-off from batch file in windows

I usually use the speakers in my screen, but I have to switch to my soundsystem for music of watching movies. I have two batch files to do this. This is the one to switch on the edifier:

Nircmd setdefaultsounddevice “Edifier” 1
Nircmd setdefaultsounddevice “BE24EQK” 2
“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -P knop eWeLink Cast

The last one opening the cast “knop” in a separate instance of Firefox.
It would be nice if I somehow could see that the switch would toggle and then close the window by itself. Even better would be to use a scripting tool or “Microsoft Internet Controls” (ieframe.dll) to accomplish this.

BUMP :arrow_double_up: Is it possible to get some reaction from staff?

@Teki is on talking with dev-team.

Have you ever tried the eWeLink keyboard shortcuts?
if you are on a PC, you can press the hot keys to control devices with eWeLink keyboard shortcuts

That is not what I asked.

what about webhook? you can create a webhook scene and paste the webhook link into a txt file (like curl http//:xxx )then name it like webhook.bat to make it a batch file, run the file and your scene/automation will be excuted.

Another workaround is using IFTTT WEBHOOKS.

Great, that works.