Check device status

Is there a way to check a status of a device on a regular basis (every 5 or 30 seconds of whatever time interval)?
I have a widget on my android phone but it only updates its status after using “refresh” or opening the ewelink-app.


It depends on the devices them selves. Different devices report to eWeLink at various intervals.

I don’t think so. There has been a discussion on this forum several times about extracting the device status in various ways, but there is no one that I am familiar with.

The only place that has device status itself is the ewelink/cast applications and their web versions.
Of course, the refresh time varies depending on the device. If, for example, I turn off the power to S26, it will take a dozen or so seconds before ewelink shows the status as offline.

Theoretically you could use this as a state extraction location but it’s not nice and simple.
The ewelink ecosystem itself has no known possibilities for the user to obtain information about the device’s status, especially online/offline status.

Prostheses can be created, but they are not a valuable solution.

It depends on what device you have and what exactly you want to do with it. Do you want to extract offline state or something like heartbeat signal.

In ewelink/cast applications you can observe a specific position in terms of specific text using MacroDroid, but the application must always be turned on and in the foreground.
The second similar option is ewelink/cast web and using a web browser with the PageProge add-on and also observing a specific place for text. And appropriate reactions when it appears.

But it’s not about checking every x/s, just waiting for offline and reacting. It can also be used the other way around, i.e. offline loss, i.e. the device is treated as online.

Another option is to build a script in the LAN that will ping the device’s IP and, if offline, perform a webhook.