Camsync failed to view camera's

i had camsync working since very long time , after deleting the container and set up it again its only working at ewelink app but not working at alexa or google home nest screen , it show this warning several times without any success .

2024-05-03 14:39:00 WARN handleStunPacket(): Cannot find candidate pair with local candidate and remote candidate Dropping STUN binding success response


2024-05-03 14:39:00 WARN handleStunPacket(): Cannot find candidate pair with local candidate and remote candidate Dropping STUN binding success response


2024-05-03 14:39:00 ERROR executeFailedIceAgentState(): IceAgent failed with 0x5a000013


2024-05-03 14:39:00 WARN onConnectionStateChange(): RTC_PEER_CONNECTION_STATE_DISCONNECTED


2024-05-03 14:39:00 WARN onConnectionStateChange(): onConnectionStateChange go default


2024-05-03 14:39:00 WARN


【2785】cModule stderr ====> ** Message: 17:39:04.745: !!! producer ??? !!!



【2785】cModule stderr ====> ** Message: 17:39:04.745: ifmt_ctx NOT NULL avformat_close_input



【2785】cModule stderr ====> ** Message: 17:39:04.745: !!! producer destroy done !!!

the camsync is part of the paid advanced plan , kindly solve this issue for me

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Welcome to the club of those disappointed by the paid plan :slight_smile:

the camsync docker wasnt updated since years , and if i ask they will say planned in future , is this future in this life or next ?

I have asked more than a dozen questions here about the future of various solutions and device firmware. They were usually met with a lack of answers. Sometimes the eWeLink guys claimed that no one but me was reporting such a problem. Rarely, but occasionally, they would announce future developments. So don’t count on a quick fix.
As an aside, if God Almighty had created the world in this way, we would have, for example, a world without gravity and the laws of physics would sometimes work and other times only some would apply :ok_man:

The dev team is looking into it, and presumably Alexa and Google have changed the connection mechanism.

Also noticed that you mentioned the CamSync issue in a couple of topics, let move on in this thread, and from another post, I know that you’re able to view the synchronized RTSP camera in the eWeLink App, which means that the installation and startup are fine!
BTW, @tammeryousef ,would you please let me konw if it’s successf to view the synchronized video stream in eWeLink WEB?

bro its not yet supported at ewelink web , i already post about that too at unsupported devices topic , camsync gateway and camera’s that belong to the gateway not supported yet , the only supported camera’s is sonoff camera’s

Talked to dev-team, CamSync managed cameras will be supported by the eWeLink WEB before July, that my fault earlier that I misremember.

As for the issue whick can not streaming to Alexa echo show, and Google Nest, we have checked and success to view the CamSync managed cameras on both of them, However, in our tests, there is a 10% probability of not being able to stream due to network conditions, resulting in a timeout of the push stream, and Alexa requires that the push stream be completed within 6S of the establishment of the connection, or the link will be discarded.

Here is the tips from our engineer,
Please follow the steps on the docker hub to reinstall and reconfigure CamSync, here is the installation guide.

Note: Check the parameters of the run command. Before executing step 3 to start the container, manually delete the contents of the ~/mg folder before running the docker command.

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Dear Ewelink team ,

kindly see the attached photo

camsync camera’s & gateway , matter devices through matter bridge , ihost .

oh there is a solution but funny one , hide unsupported devices :joy: :joy: :joy:


The support for Matter devices on WEB/CAST is coming! Stay tuned!

Kindly add support for motion sensors too as in web/cast and ewelink app

Do you mean all motion sensors or just Matter ones?

Yes, as Ward posted, Matter is a developing protocal and things need to be supported gradually, Matter devices via the Bridge first, and more new launched devices keep in the line.
As for Cameras managed by CamSync, it should be supported, let me check with dev team to find out what’s happend.

iHost, a localized smart home hub, i don’t think it should be displayed on the WEB.

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just matter ones

is it possible in future for the ihost to run as matter hub too not only matter bridge ? because matter is basically local control as the same concept of ihost

We have similar thought, but haven’t try to code yet, things may have a progress 3 or 4 months later, we need to focus on the on going for now.

The RTSP cameras managed by CamSync are supported by WEB, would you please have a try and let me know any issues and corresponding logs you may have.

sad to say its not working anymore with google home and alexa , but at the ewelink app its running fine .


Our dev is already looking into this issue.
Thx for the feedback.