BSD29 / SA-030 - 16A - BUP Not Support in eWeLink Web or iHost add-on

I have some SA-030 - 16A - BUP zigbee smart plugs, although the casings have BSD29 printed on them. Basically they are generic zigbee 3 smart plugs with power monitoring.

They paired with my iHost and ZB Bridge Pro easy enough.
The one paired with the iHost shows and works in the local iHost control and in cast.
The paired with my ZB Bridge Pro shows and works in the android app but in eWeLink Web it shows as ‘Not Supported Now’, as such it also show the same in the iHost/eWeLink add-on and is unselectable (missing) from the eWeLink cast setup page and from the NSPanel widget setup.

Is there any plan to fully support this device? If so is there any timescale for implementation?