Allow Thread on NS Panel Pro

As you’ve already allowed the NS Panel Pro to act as both a Zigbee Controller and a Router I’m guessing you’ve already setup changing the Radio firmware, another toggle to allow it to be a thread border router would be good.
People often have an iHost or two NSPP it would be good to have separate thread and Zigbee radios, particularly when paralsync is bidirectional.
I know silicon labs have hardware based thread only firmware for that chip as I currently have it on a Dongle E. I personally have seen no problems with having both Zigbee and Thread on the same radio, but having both means software integration, whereas just thread or Zigbee is hardware.

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A “thread border router” would be nice but a “Full Thread Device” would be okay and I doubt that would take much more than you’ve already done for the Zigbee router option. If it could join an existing thread network somewhere else could create the mesh.