Allow copying of scenes

This may already be possible but I don’t know how to do it.

I have several scenes that are very similar. For example I have bedroom heaters (Basic R2 wired) that turn on in the morning (if it cold -Zigbee temp) and in the evening again (if it is cold -Zigbee temp). The only difference is the activation time but I recreated the scene. I also did the same with Living room Heaters (3 panels) (Basic R2 again). Triggered by motion (3 sensors) because my Vacuum Robot triggers the movement sensors, so there needs to be a gap.

Could there be a way to copy a scene to speed up the process of creating a second? Alternatively having two active periods or allowing more complicated logic than a simple ‘all’ and ‘any’ in the scene creation dialogue. In the first example I would like the temperature to be obligatory but the time to be ‘any’ of two times.

Not supported, the concerns is if users duplicate scenes or saved the copied scenes without modify it, it would be a huge disaster for users and our server, additional logically “if” “else”coding isn’t worthwhile.

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If I look at all my very similar scenes they fall into one of three catagories:

  1. morning and evening time slots
  2. exact opposites (eg. Motion triggers light ON. No Motion triggers OFF)
  3. back ups (eg. If a scene fails to run at 6 it will also run at 7).

I guess I could add a delay to replicate 3, although I would prefer a backup function to be built in, but 1 & 2 you could facilitate without copying scenes could you not? For example if you buy a train ticket it can be a single or return and there is a simple checkbox on the website.

I think I would also allow a random function. All the programming languages I know anything of have a random function. For example it would allow people to turn on a light at random to pretend they are Home & frighten burglars away.

Like this? How to Create a Vacation Scene before Heading out for Holiday Trips? - eWeLink

No, that’s not random. The suggestion is an alternative that can’t be done with existing equipment.