All eWelink devices are offline on the Google Home App: Can’t relink my eWelink account with the Google Home App

All of my eWelink devices are offline on Google Home now.

I had all sorts of problems with getting Google Home to work with Google Assistant to work with my eWelink devices ( smart switches ). I got it working several times before it stopped again after I tried to add more devices. I had to unlink and relink extra devices and it stopped linking altogether. So those devices are now can’t be controlled and offline on Google Home. But actually these devices can be perfectly controlled through the eWelink App. I can import those devices to the Google Home through my family’s Google and eWelink account, but my account seems to have trouble with it.

I recorded the situation on my IPad, here’s the link to watch it. It will only take 45 seconds for the clip.

Please help me save my devices.

Hi. You can disable the LAN Control in the device settings page to see if the device can be controlled in Google Home.

I have the same issue. Have you solve your problem and how?

Fixed, everything back to normal there?

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