After version 1.14.0 Telegram notifications stop being sent after two days

On Node RED (version 2024-05-19) I have some automations that send text messages via Telegram regularly.
After iHost update 1.14.0, these messages are sent normaly on the first two days and then stop. I need to reboot the iHost so they can be sent again.
In the previous versions the messages were ever sent and I never needed to reboot the iHost.
Does omething changed? Do I need to change something?
I tried to upload the logs but they are 32mb


I have been using Node-Red regularly for a long time. I currently use version 3.1.9 to send text messages to Telegram and also to send commands from Telegram and execute actions on i-Host (1.14.0). In my case, both in previous versions of i-Host and in Node-Red, the operation is correct and constant. If a text message arrives moments later or even a few minutes later, it depends on the coverage of the mobile phone network.
The only thing I have detected is that sometimes, for everything to work correctly, you just have to stop and then start Node-Red. It is easy to distinguish when it is necessary to do that, since it is precisely when the Telegram nodes manifest a state other than “connected”. Exactly the state of “polling”.


Hello there,
I’ve been using iHost+NodeRed+Telegram since septemper/2023 and they always worked normally. Since last update the problem appeared.
The only difference is that I take the easy approach of unplugging the device.
When I have some time I will try to rollback the NodeRed version to see if there is some different behavior.