iHost vs Messenger

When will it be available in iHost, an Add-On permitting to add a message via Messenger when making a scene (scenario)?

Pretty sure there is a video here on how to connect WhatsApp to iHost. Telegram and PushOver also work, but never tried Facebook Messenger. Doesn’t the same company own WhatsApp though? If you can do it to WhatsApp maybe the instructions can be adjusted to use Messenger instead, although I’ve never used Messenger.

Here’s the link for What’s app.

I assume you could use node-red for some workaround working with other platforms like this:

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Thank’s for the reply, but there should be an easier way (users friendly) to do that. I have a Genbolt IPcam that can do that with ease through WAN.
Question: When a device is set to Notification Push, does it push only through LAN or WAN or both?

It works, now I have to figure out how to get this working with multiple switches. And whether I will also receive the out of situation message