Add search field to scene logs list

I think if where is a way to search through a long list of logs to see when a certain scene worked it would be nice and easier for us to debug and verify how well that scene works.
And maybe someone knows what is limiting the length of the scene log list, maybe the number of the logs or the number of days in the past or something else?

It would be nice, but I have no hopes for quick implementation. The length of the logs is probably around 3 months.

For more advanced logs, you would need a separate system and perhaps send some reactions via a webhook.

I’m surprised of what you say that the length of the logs is so long just because when I access my scenes logs list the longest was two or tree days long and sometimes even shorter then a day long! And why to be pessimistic where are just quite some of ideas come from us that have been implemented!

It may depend on the device, I think some of the advertising materials mentioned 3 months. It may also depend on the number of records per day.

Go Back to History Records

Automatically save message notifications. You can check history records over the last 3 months

You toke about the device logs list and thats something else from scene logs list, and yes I red also something of three months.

My mistake, you’re right, I forgot that there is also Scene Notice/Logs in the app… lately I’ve been mainly using the web version where it can’t be displayed or set and somehow I forgot. :slight_smile:
Unless I’m blind and the web has it too and I can’t see it?

Are we talking about the number of scenes or the number of records in the logs scene?

The number of records about scenes is currently too small to say anything. However, after entering “Scene Logs”, I see entries even from November 10, 2023 and I can probably still load more, but I don’t want to. :slight_smile:

So I’m guessing you mean the amount of “Scene Notice”…

That’s interesting when you say you see logs until November 10 just because there are cases in which my list is empty! This is happening quite offen and is not because the scenes aren’t working is just because the lack of servers. The “Scene logs” list is accesible only from the app not from the web, and about “Scene Notice” list please tell me where from you acces it. All my questions are about “Scene logs” list accesible from the app, is the second button from left in the bottom line of the main screen.

Everything I mentioned is, of course, available via the ewelink app, the web version does not have it at all.

I run the ewelink app (Android/Advanced Plan), go to Messages, Notice, Scene Notice.

I select a scene and see the “Scene Logs”

and scroll through and older entries are downloaded. Sometimes it takes a few good seconds before it appears.

Even if I clear the notifications, these logs somewhere on the server are still intact. Because when this scene appears again, it has all the logs.

However, if I do as you say, i.e. “Scene” and the first icon on the left in the upper corner, “Scene Logs” will appear, but for me at the moment it ends loading on 16.11. And it loads slower in general.

The only thing I can suggest is to clear notifications, clear the log history per device in the device tab. Alternatively, delete the device and add it again in the ewelink app under a different name. Delete the scenes and create them again with a slightly different name.

If this doesn’t work, the only thing left to do is send a ticket to support and report a bug.

Nevertheless, the option to search the logs would be useful because it is currently quite burdensome. Or the option to download all logs.

Ah, yes the notice button was always there but I forgot about it. To delete the device is just too much, because in general in a scene it is not just one device on the contrary at least two, so again too much trouble, I’m happy when the scene works! And about a ticket be sure I already raised one but for now I received only standard answers, unfortunately.

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The “Notice list” contain only ush mesages from devices, scenes and support and not logs.