Add search feature to find devices in long lists

I was searching for a specific device in my eWeLink app, but had troubles to find it as my list of devices is becoming quite long.
Can you add a search feature to find a device? It would be great if the search allows you to apply some filters too like device type, online/offline, connection type (eWeLink Remote, LAN Mode, cloud), etc.

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Hi there, I previously proposed the addition of a search feature to the team, but they expressed concerns that the app page may not have a suitable place to incorporate it. However, I will revisit the topic with the app team and see if there are any viable solutions we can explore.

Sometimes it is best to visualize it and so I made a mock-up of it:

Mock-up image 1:
Magnifier in the upper right corner. Tap on it to open the search form.

Mock-up image 2:
The search form itself. I believe the showed options are the most important ones: a field to put the text in to search for and 2 filters to help filtering doubles (because one name mioght be assigned to multiple devices in different rooms).

Mock-up image 3:
The search results. All tabs temporarily disappear and got replaced by the text “Search results”. At the left of the magnifier icon in the upper right corner a button / text “Show all” appears to return to the normal view.

The same concept could be used for Scenes.

Hi there, here is the update to device searching feature. It’s already on our to-do list, and we expect to roll it out in two or three future updates. Stay tuned!

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Great! Looking forward to it! :smile: