【Add-on Guide】TailScale - Remote access to iHost

Tailscale did update the ‘stable’ version which does not resolve the issue, seems they didn’t update the code.
you can try the temporary method:
When you start the Tailscale add-on, go to its log page and find the authenticate link, visit the link to connect the tailscale service.

Thank You for your answer but i (and also “edimarcr”) already posted that the solution adds iHost to the Tailscale console list , but iHost still can not go online.
Finally the suggested solution does not work.

hi, please try again, you may need to open the page and connect within 1 minute.

Yessss, thank you! :slight_smile:

My method, that worked:

  1. stop tailscale in iHost
  2. delete iHost in Tailscale console (if it were there already)
  3. retart Tailscale in iHost, and seet the logs immediately (need to press F5 to refresh)
  4. find and copy the authenticate link (last lines int the log) to browser and connect! (it seems you have one minute indeed)
    I gues it is working until reboot iHost, but it works that way, until they fix the issue.