【Add-on Guide】TailScale - Remote access to iHost

Thank You for your answer but i (and also “edimarcr”) already posted that the solution adds iHost to the Tailscale console list , but iHost still can not go online.
Finally the suggested solution does not work.

hi, please try again, you may need to open the page and connect within 1 minute.

Yessss, thank you! :slight_smile:

My method, that worked:

  1. stop tailscale in iHost
  2. delete iHost in Tailscale console (if it were there already)
  3. retart Tailscale in iHost, and seet the logs immediately (need to press F5 to refresh)
  4. find and copy the authenticate link (last lines int the log) to browser and connect! (it seems you have one minute indeed)
    I gues it is working until reboot iHost, but it works that way, until they fix the issue.

Every time I reboot my iHost I’ve to re-authenticate because Tailscale plugin forget my account

Is there a way to access iHost dashboards using Tailscale? If so, what address? I can access my iHost main screen but it is impossible to control on the small screen of my phone.

I’m not really sure I understand the point of Tailscale. Are people really accessing their iHost using big screens? I guess the idea is laptops?

I’ve realised I am using the IP address from Tailscale to log in:
Maybe X.X.X.X/cast/ ?

That works. I turned off wifi on my phone, copied the ip from Tailscale and added “/cast/“ to it. There should be an easier way though. Is the TailScale IP constant?

Tailscale say it is unless the node is changed. I take it the node isn’t changed? Or does it change when the add-on is updated?

Note: in the eWeLink CUBE v1.10.1, we made some change for the Tailscale add-on, now it should work normally.

If you remove the add-on and reinstall it, you may need to re-authenticate and the IP should be new.

Although I am able to use Tailscale’s IP to manage ihost I am not able to view the cameras which I have installed in my ihost. Any idea?

I have removed Tailscale and re-installed it.

The blue button at the bottom then does not work to go to Tailscale and authenticate iHost.

I then copied the link from the log and authenticated iHost. It now shows up under ‘My Machines’ in Tailscale - but still shows as disconnected.

Several restarts of both the Tailscape app and iHost all end up with the same situation.

Please help

I also use remote acces to the iHost.
I use the remote connection provided by my router!

Can we configure the TailScale on the iHost as an exit node? I’ve seen descriptions of how to do it on Windows, Linux, Mac etc. but not when it is in a docker.

Should be possible, but requires a few terminal commands. Is there a way to access the terminal? Thinking a docker, like file browser enables file access.
No internet when using Linux (docker) as exit node - Linux - Tailscale

After the latest update of Tailscale and manually authentication via the link from the log, everything finally works again.

However, the blue button ‘Go to Tailscale’ on the Web UI page still is without function

Hi, is there a way to set Tailscale as a subnet router, with e.g.
tailscale up --advertise-routes=, ?

I got an email this week from TailScale announcing that you can now select IP range. Previously they were always 100.x.x.x. Don’t know if you can do multiple ranges though. Suspect they allow multiple VLAN for large networks but it might be outside the free tier.

I used tailscale/tailscale
When running for the first time I included a parameter TS_ROUTES (i.e.
Then in the admin/machines page I just had to approve the route and that’s all. I checked that it survived an iHost reboot.