Wattmeter 1P on Din-rail, Wi-Fi.......... total electricity bill

Hello! I appeal to the developers of the application for this device. Wattmeter 1P on Din-rail, Wi-Fi. What would be added to the item “Tariff” calculation of different tariffs. In Russia, many of us use two-tariff electricity meters, that is, from 7:00h - 23:00h 4.60 rubles from 23:00h - 07:00h 1.46 rubles. Without this parameter, it is impossible to calculate the real cost in the application.

Do you mean set different rate of electric for different time?

Think this feature should be supported in energy dashboard feature, lots of countries charge the electric bill according to different time consumption.

Yes, different prices for different times.
So that you can set at what time what amount. As I wrote, an example: 7:00h - 23:00 4.50p
23:00 - 7:00 1.60p
. Half the world will say thank you for this.
A lot of people have different prices at different times.

I have read many many reviews. Everywhere they regret that there is no such function

I think it’s a great feature, but what I’m concerned is there are lots of different rates for each country, and they vary according to a number of different time periods, so we can’t list them all, if we just offer the TWO different rates settings of Peak time(7:00am–22:59pm) and trough time(23:00pm–6:59am), is it enough for you all?

In principle, this is quite enough for Russia!
But I still think that the user should be given the opportunity to set which tariff for which period of time. (if it’s not hard to do) This will cover all countries of the world. But if this is a complex action, then what you have suggested will be enough.
Thank you very much for your quick reaction, decision-making and for such a product.

That’s how I see it.
One line of input is created.
Time “from " time " to” “entering the amount”
Everyone will be able to specify their consumption zones
I write the way I see it. And whether this is a difficult task or not, I do not know. You know better here. If you add fields with a time period already set, yes, you won’t be able to cover everyone. And if you give one function, it will suit everyone.
Well, as I wrote earlier, this will be enough for Russia 07:00 - 22:59. 23:00 - 06:59.

We will pull a survey of this feature to know it deeper, especially the different rates of countries and duration.

Thanks! We will be looking forward to updates
In the meantime, I’ll order a couple more pieces. :slight_smile:

haha, hoping we can get more useful info from our lovely users.

Hi yitie,
Could you give us the link where we can find the source code for the wattmetter?

Source Code? what for?

Or you mean data captured by the device?

In Portugal you can apply for single or double rates ; the to-from time changes in summer and winter, also different on weekdays, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Life made easy :slight_smile:

Thanks for let us know, it seems really complex.