Unable create scene with sunrise/sunset

Whe I try to save a scene created with sunrise or sunset as trigger, scene can not be saved… and this from the app.
In WEB inteface sunsrise/sunset is not avaible
This is crazy. I am not able to save a scene triggered by sunrise or sunset.
Whe I push SAVE does not save. I push and push… And nothing

Hi there,

We successfully saved the sunrise and sunset scene.
Can you tell me what’s the device’s ID in this scene?
If I could know your model and system version of the phone would be better.

Per me è la stessa cosa. Dalla consolle per creare le scene non è proprio evidenziata l’opzione sunrise/sunset ma appare solo in trasparenza.

I have puta a ticket fron app. Unable to save scene. Everything probed. Avances user.

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Hi. Your ticket is already being processed, please check in App.

OK I provide aditioonal information:
EWELINK APP last update
When I create a scene wit sunsire or sunset as trigger (IF)
THEN… I can put any device/scene etc… here is the same
When going to save, push over “SAVE” word but scene is not saved
If I change the sunrise/sunset and put other trigger, scene YES IS SAVED
There is a problem with SUNRISE/SUNSET
In WEB interface SUNRIS/SUNSET is not avaible
I do not want adavenced features, but I NEED simple things like SUNSET/SUNRISE
And do not tell me I can do it with IFTT… IFTT can not PLAY SCENES
If this problem is not solved, I will go to other IOT system. This is very sad, but I need SUNRISE/SUNSET workink like a charm

Does the installation package I sent you work?