Sonoff iHost - Price control using spot prices for electricity?

Hi, I have not yet bought the iHost. I’m looking for a device that could automize the control of my Sonoff devices that turns on/off for instance our hot water production, the house heating system and a spa bath. Today I am setting all on/off times in ewelink app manually, but would like it to be automized from a device. Maybe Homey Pro (coming version) will solve it? Or even better if iHost has this functionality. Any one that knows? Thanks in advance!

all scenarios made on ewelink can be redone on iHost

Can iHost be programmed to start sonoff devices, using indata such as prices on electricity? For instance: ”if spot price on electricty is below a preset value, then activate sonoff device x. If spotprice is above a preset level, then turn off sonoff device x”?

you can use Node Red if you have an API to receive electricity prices in real time

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Thanks a lot! Definitely interesting to look into for me. I have no experience in programming or in Raspberry PI, so I hope it is not too difficult.