Sonoff Camera


With the current firmware, it isn’t possible to sync Sonoff cameras with an NVR.

ONVIF is, as an example, a simple protocol that, if added to the Camera firmware, will easily allow to sync this Cam with an NVR.

Think about it, please.

Thank you.


Sonoff will release cameras with ONVIF protocol in the near future. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your feedback.
however, can you be more specific, please?
sonoff will bring new cameras models with ONVIF and/or will bring a firmware update that will come with ONVIF?


Please note that Sonoff will bring new camera models with ONVIF.

well, good for the future devices… but, sad for the current devices.

I have read in some forum’s that it’s possible to get ONVIF protocol in the actual Sonoff Cameras but that requires an hacking of the firmware.

It would be wonderful if Sonoff can done it with their own staff.

I’m not good enough to do it by myself and I don’t trust in third party hacked things, only original firmware.

Kindly, please, address it to Sonoff Tech Team, and I will hope they will help.

Many thanks.

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