So when are we getting MAC address info for Mini R4?

Some customers, and here I add myself too, have expressed the need for knowing the Mac address of the devices we got connected in our home networks. I can’t get not the Mac address neither the ip address of a Sonoff, why?

Thanks in advance

Why it is impossible to see the IP address not even the oldest eWeLink employees know. The MAC, on the other hand, can be seen without a problem.

I can’t see the Mac Address:

See between Device ID and FW Name.

Glasses on and there you go! Haha thanks!

Don’t mistake it for McDonald’s discount code :slight_smile:

Sure! Thanks for that tip too. Regardless of glasses (that I don’t need anyway), 8 hrs ago the MAC address field wasn’t there, that’s why I took the screenshot without even looking at it. App update? I don’t care anyway, glad to see I can get the address

I don’t think so. More like some kind of psychological phenomenon :man_shrugging: