Question on scene and date selection

Why when I want to create a date picker scene I can only go to the quarter. I want to set a scene after 7 months, but there is no such possibility! Can you correct this?

There is always a deadline for choosing the time.
In addition, we are more concerned that after more than three months you will really remember a single timed scenario that you have set up?

The idea is automation, isn’t it? I have lighting on trees when there are green leaves to light up. But in winter time it makes no sense to light up. Second, the electric water heater in winter must stop working because it runs on lacquer heat. Third, I have Christmas lights that I want to turn on only in the month of December, and I can’t do that. Please tell me how to make a scene within a year, when I think about it, 7 months is not much. I don’t want my clients to call me to include what they want, so I try to automate everything.
Edit: Think if we are administrators of 15-20 homes?

Ok, we’ll look into extending the date limit, thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you!