Problem with BSEED_TS0601_cover

Good morning,

According to the compatibility table, the device: BSEED_TS0601_cover seems to be compatible.

For a while I’ve had it running on zigbee2mqtt with no problems:

To integrate all the home automation in my home, I wanted to configure it in the ihost and although it recognizes and associates it, it does not appear as a cover in the application, but as a switch. If I press onoff, it does not act on it, and an error message appears on the screen that the command could not be sent.

I have the ihost firmware version: 1.13.2

Are you aware of any type of errors with the covers?

Thank you so much

If you can upload the screenshot, I want to confirm the icon that is displayed on the device list page after being identified and added by the ihost -


I attach screenshots:



:rofl: Judging from the corner mark on the screenshot, Zigbee2CUBE does not work. We’ll fix this in the next release

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Yes, please, I would be very grateful.
This is a cover not a switch.

Thank you so much


Have you tried again in 1.13.4? We’ve made some changes in Zigbee part which may solve your issue.

The truth is that I have not tried it, seeing the different problems it caused me and that I could not synchronize the zigbee devices from the ihost to my home assistant.
I installed a docker on ihost with zigbee2mqtt and from this I was able to synchronize the devices without problem and share it with home assistant.
I would have liked to be able to synchronize everything via ihost and then share from it to homeassistant, but at the moment it is not possible, so I have to wait to see if some type of synchronization is launched or for the moment leave it as is with this docker and a usb zigbee device