Possibility to convert current loop - analogue 4-20 mA values to proportional digit value

Ewelinka’s fantastic function could be the visualization of the value of the analog current signal 4-20mA or the analog voltage signal according to the defined characteristic curve. But you would need an analog to digital interface (A to D) to visualize the data.

Hi there,

I understand that you are suggesting a feature where the values of analog current signals (4-20mA) or analog voltage signals can be visualized based on predefined characteristic curves. Could you please share more about the purpose behind wanting to graph the values of current or voltage signals?


At that time, I was thinking about a hydrostatic water level probe in the tank of a mobile home (there are probes in 4-20mA current loop versions, but also with an analog voltage signal), but then I thought about e.g. a flow meter but also about transducers of other physical quantities.