OPS add more options

Please add more to OPS
Add a condition to switch on, not only off
Add a resume if condition no longer exist with time countdown of seconds or minutes delay

Hi there, would you please give us more details? Why do you want to need this?

Thank you Stephen for your prompt pick up.
OPS is protection if not mistaken. If you reach a certain voltage, power, or current. The system only goes off.
But what if the cause is resolved? Nothing happens.
Example. I want a powr2 controling a sensitive device to switch off it voltage drops below 180V. OPS will do that, but then what if the voltage is back to above 185v where it is allowed to run the device again? Powr2 will not resume and turn back on. Taling about the powr2 for example to act like a surge protector that disconnects at a certain current or voltage value, wait till the value changes back, perform a delay you preset, then turns itself on again.
Or at least if we cannot do this with OPS, pls help us dl it in scenes. There isnt a condition in scenes for such scenario.