Not getting any events in Node-Red

I set up the Node-Red integration between my iHost, and I added the event-state and event-online nodes to my flow as I wanted to see events like button pressed, or switch turned on/off. I set both of them up for ALL device. Still I am not getting any events. Did I miss something?

iHost: Create automations using Node-RED

Your description is not detailed, so I don’t know which step you did wrong, can’t help you solve the problem. You can follow the instructions in the video above and see if you can solve your problem

@Alexie thank you for your response. In my setup the Node-Red is running on a different computer (not in the iHost), so when I set up the Server details, I specified it as ihost.local not the IP address.
And I did not get any data.
Now, I replaced it with the IP address and it is working now.
Maybe there is an issue on my network translating the local addresses. But specifying the IP works. I just need to set up in my router to assign a fixed IP address to the iHost.

Because Ndoe-red doesn’t support mDNS, you can only fill in the IP, otherwise it won’t work. We also submitted this issue to Node-red, but are not sure if they are considering supporting it

I changed it from DNS to IP and it worked. I changed it back to DNS and it still works, but probably because node-red or node.js cached the IP. But I will reserve a fixed IP for my iHost on my router as a workaround.

My understanding is that mDNS is implemented at the operating system level, not by individual applications. It’s more likely that the host name was cached in the OS or router. Did you try to reach ihost.local by ping or other network utility? If so, has the result changed? BTW, if you are using Windows (I don’t), I have read that its implementation of mDNS has some quirks.

Thanks. My Node-Red server is running in Debian, but now this all works. So I am happy with the results.

Maybe one more observation if I may have. I was looking at the data coming out from the event-state node:

This is not a big issue, but maybe it would make more sense for the msg.payload to be an object instead of a string.

Good point, in this form is not so easy to use.

use the JSON node and have an object

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That node saved my ass on my struggles with the first steps on Node-RED and the eWeLink CUBE add-on for it: Noob Node-RED question: how to access a value in JSON tree? - #6 by joennuh :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, the CUBE nodes in Node-RED will have a big update next month, some bugs will be fixed, and the settings will be easier.