Managing auto scenes

I’m running the eWelLnk app, V4.27.0 on iPhone 6S.

I have set up five homes and for each of them I have created a few auto scenes.

Until now in Scene->My scene->Auto, the scenes that were displayed were those that corresponded to the home that was already selected.

For the last two days, all the scenes corresponding to all the homes I have created have been displayed, making it difficult to sort and edit them. The search that is available doesn’t help that much.

Is it just happening to me or is it a general change in the philosophy of managing the scenes?

Hi there

Yes, this is a point we have updated. You can view scenes from all your homes in scenes. Of course, each scene will also show which home it belongs to

Hi Natalia,
Gathering all the scenes from all the houses in one place makes management very difficult.

It would help if you had potent filters to identify the scenes you are interested in (like
in the desktop app).

In the mobile app, due to limited space, filters are needed much more. In my opinion, a filter based on homes is the minimum that should be there.

Unless there is some other way of browsing among the many scenes, I haven’t realised. Any advice is welcome.