Improve after long time

Years using EWELINK, I think you have to introduce:

  • AUTODISABLE scene when executed -for avoiding repeating more and more times the same scene, triggered by a sensor…
  • FIX DST: If something has to sart at 8:00 is ALWAYS at 8:00
  • Scene has to be capable to be triggered by more THAN ONE sensors asigne to a RF BRIDGE. Now only ONE RF sensor can be put as trigger in RF BRIDGE
    These features are BASIC.
  • Better WEB implementation. RF sensors have to be shown
  • If a scene is triggered during execution, it will stop the current execution process and start the scene from the beginning. Since there is a long delay in scene execution, not responding to any triggers during that time can be very problematic, especially if there are multiple conditions in the trigger;

  • The DST of the scene needs to be evaluated properly, as some scenes are timed locally on the device;

  • The RF bridge cannot be triggered by multiple sensors at the same time, because sensor triggering is instantaneous and state-less, and it is very unlikely that multiple instantaneous signals will occur at the same time (at the ms level). Unlike switches, lights and other types of devices, these devices have a state of retention, such as lights in the momentary trigger for the “on”, it will always keep the “on” state, in this state, if a transient signal is generated (e.g. RF bridge triggered by a wireless button), and the state + transient signal can be used as the trigger condition.