I'm a bit disappointed by the Sonoff S26R2

I’m a bit disappointed by the Sonoff S26R2-TPE (16A)… I have several S26R2s and they haven’t given me any trouble until now. :frowning:

It turns out that there is a voltage leak at the output when the output is OFF… very small, but it is there, which causes the set of christmas lights to glow after being turned off, the typical glow is very weak, but it is irritating in a dark room.

It would seem that with a well-designed system, the device should be completely separated in the OFF state, but unfortunately it is not.

I’ll have to experiment with a parallel capacitor, eh…

Perhaps because S&R2, as others, only cuts ONE of the two wires. You have to cut LIVE, not neutral.

I am aware of this, but it does not change the fact that this is a weak point of the product that was ignored or overlooked by the company’s engineers.

Yet the S26R2 has a UKCA/CE certification??? It would be interesting to see which body signed that one off… or if other users have the same problem with their S26R2’s … maybe there’s a bad batch!

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