Ihost supported ZigBee Smart plug with power metering

I just received my new ihost.
I want to implement a scenario using two smart plugs. One will act as a “master plug” and the other one one will be a “slave plug”. The need is to change the on/off state of the slave plug depending on the power consumption reported by the master plug.
My application is to start/stop my subwoofer (connected to the slave plug) when I power on/off my HC audio amplifier connected to the master plug.
I tried the Aqara smart plug, but it seem’s that its power metering capability is not supported by the ihost.
I have not founf any Sonoff smart plug with power metering capability (I’m living in France).
Who could point me to a power reporting capable smart plug model that is compatilble with ihost and can be used for my scenario?
Thanks in advance.

As you mentioned - because SONOFF and eWeLink support products do not yet have sockets that support power meter function, so this product type and UI card are not supported by iHost at the first time.

But now we are already developing this product type and UI for such products with power meter function. However, because the current power statistics functions and protocols of different manufacturers and brands are not uniform, we still need more time to conduct a unified combing and comparison of them one by one for compatible access. Keep an eye on our monthly update logs, as they will be supported in one of the next releases.

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Any idea of the first product(s) that you will support? Do you need alpha testers? :slight_smile:

Help testing is more than welcome - After all, we can’t buy and own every model.
You can tell us the product model you have on hand and we will consider it in the list of first supported product models when this category starts. When finished, we will contact you to help test the feedback.

I have in hands two smart plug models:


But the later (aliexpres) I suspect it is not fully ZigBee 3 compliant as I need to activate one of the new experimentl feature (I don’t remenber the name of…) to be able to add it . And even after it has been added sucessfully, on/off commands even don’t work…

So definitely, the best option (for me :slight_smile: ) would be that you start with Aqara Smart Plug. In addition, it is probably more used that the aliexpress’s plug.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, I’m interested in this feature too, I own a Lexman smart plug which used to work in jeedom (but now I’ve switched to ihost ;-P) : https://www.leroymerlin.fr/produits/electricite-domotique/domotique-et-objets-connectes/domotique/solutions-de-commande/prise-connectee-16a-3680w-lexman-82428895.html
Ajout prise connectée Lexman - Protocole domotique - Communauté Jeedom

I do not really understand why you write that you do not have such devices in your offer, after all, sonoff s31, s40 has such functionality and according to the compatibility list śa supported by ihost, but without the function of measuring current consumption.
It is really not normal that devices with such a basic and necessary functionality are still not supported, not to mention your own products

I’m also looking for a plug with power meter supported by iHost. Any update for 2024?

Sonoff S60TPF has power metering. However these measures cannot be used as conditions to activate any action.

Let me correct myself. Some meterings, very few, can be used in the app but not under iHost. As usual iHost is missing basic functionalities.

Isn’t the S60TPF Wi-fi ? Do you mean the S60ZBTPF ?


Yes it’s wifi

How do you connect a Wifi device to iHost ?