iHost RV1126 DDR4 4G how verify that I got this model?

How can I verify that my iHost is RV1126 DDR4 4G ???

This is what I ordered months ago from itead store.

The same info is on the bottom of the device.

But when login it to the device I can’t find any place where I could confirm that my iHost is exactly RV1126 DDR4 4G.

The reason why I’m asking is because I have many devices including 2 x ZigBee Hub Pro, 2 x NSPanel Pro and around 30 devices in total.

Even without many scenes being run on iHost… just monitoring the devices is causing large CPU and memory usage.

I run latest firmware 1.13.0 for Cube and eWeLink Smart Home 2.0.1

I only run eWeLink Smart Home in docker at this moment.

I use Kingston 256GB Canvas Select Plus microSD from legit source.

I did device factory reset and configured everything again after last software update.

Is iHost RV1126 DDR4 4G really that bad… or I got wrong model ???

Look at the bottom of your iHost (foot). If you see RV1126, then you have RV1126 :grimacing:

Why do you believe that RV1126 is “really that bad”? It isn’t. It’s this better one.

I mentioned that I know about label on the bottom of my iHost.

I’m just looking for the option to verify this.

If you want to be absolutely sure, you need to open the case and inspect.

This is what I’m trying to avoid.

It is weird that Sonoff own software is not providing details about what hardware is inside of iHost.

I mean… the model name (CPU and RAM)

Not strange at all. There are only two versions of iHost. Any extended information you may need is on the product page.
I sincerely doubt that your device has markings inconsistent with the actual build. If you are uncertain about the hardware, it’s highly recommended that you raise a ticket via https://itead.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new. You may suggest adding a hardware details page to the iHost interface.

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This is from official Sonoff user manual.

So… login screen provide 2 informations. Device ID and Model name.

Unfortunately my iHost is showing only Device ID

You can check this via some docker apps if they provide a WebUI. For example HA docker version will display RAM in the hardware tab

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Thank you… I will try it next week.