【iHost Language】Brazilian Portuguese

You can share your translated file here.

Você pode compartilhar seu arquivo traduzido aqui.

Can I make a contribution? I don’t know if this is the correct place (probably not), but here goes. Brazilian Portuguese json file.


I think there should be a separate category in this forum, such as Translations. Maybe “Babel” or “Pangu” [盤古] would be more joy? :slight_smile:

There is indeed a category now: Language File Contribute - eWeLink Forum
just simply named it Language file Contribute for easier understanding :grinning:

Understanding is crystal clear :wink:
Why not place it on the left menu (Categories)? It may be useful in the future for other products.

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already done, refresh the page to see if it is there.
if not, click the edit button beside the Categories and you can reset to default or select categories.

Nice! Thanks.