Help! WHO change status of Sonoff switch so Whatsapp sends message to group/user

Hi all, I live in a village community and at front of it there is a gate where we open/close it using a Sonoff switch, but sometimes there are people who leave it open. Is there a way using Ihost (Node-red) to send Whatsapp messages to a Group/user to let them know who opens/close the Sonoff switch? In that way, we would know who left the gate open.
Note: I managed to test using CallMeBot but it only tells me when the status is changed but not by whom.


Hey, the two should help:

The switch itself can not tell different people so there’s no easy way I think


A lot will probably depend on how people use the opening function. Which Sonoff switch model is used, and does it have Internet access or is it only LAN.

Do they use the ewelink application? Do they use any RF/Zigbee/Wifi remote? Does everyone have their own ewelink account?

It must be created in such a way that a trace remains per person…

If everyone uses the same method, which itself has no implementation per person, not much can be done about it.

In such a situation, you would have to change the way people use the switch.
If you have access to the Internet or you create it locally, use a webhook per person - then everyone has their own method. Then it’s a matter of adding notifications about who left it open or something.

Some Sonoff devices show in the logs the actions that took place, if they are made from different accounts, it shows the address of the account that was used. You’d have to extract this information…