Ewelink and NVR

I have tried multiple times to pair one of three GK-200MP2-B v 1.1’s that I have to a Cobra 4K NVR. This is likely a rebranded Swann NVR. I connected the Sonoff to the NVR and connected my mobile device using an ethernet adapter to the NVR. It finds the ID without issue but fails to connect at all. I have a feeling this is more of a networking issue. My home router network is 192.168. The ip address of the NVR is in the same subnet but the network ports on the NVR put the cameras on a 10.10.xxx.xxx subnet. I am wondering if I need to give the NVR wide open access to the internet and also expose it on the router so incoming ewelink traffic gets routed automatically to the NVR. There is no information in the manual explainng what ports need to be open and how the configuration occurs when using the phone. What do I need to do to get this setup?