Event Control - Brake

I have a zigbee door sensor. But there is a configuration that I cannot do.
I intend that, when I ask to turn on a lamp, the lamp will only turn on if the sensor is closed.
But if I close the door later, the lamp won’t light up.
In short, if the sensor is closed when I ask the lamp to turn on, it turns on. If I ask to turn on the lamp when the sensor is open, the lamp does not light up, but it also cannot light up if I close the sensor. The sensor must act as a brake and not a trigger

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Do you have a device that can serve eWeLink cube (iHost or NS Panel Pro I think) or home assistant?
Of an IFTTT/Apilio subscription?
Essentially you need somewhere to store the data as to whether the door is open or closed.

I eerke,
This is what i need…
I have IFTTT account, but ewelink do this?

I think you need an Apilio account in order to store the information about the window, but I haven’t used IFTTT in a while (since it stopped being free).

iFTTT is generally too simple to do what you want, or atleast it used to be.