Error 412 when using oauth 2.0

Are there anyone have this same problem ?

i’ve recently got this message error when executing oauth 2.0 demo from GitHub - nocmt/eWeLinkOAuthLoginDemo
but earlier before 20 May 2024 its work without any error
the error that i got was
“status”: 200,
“responseTime”: 923,
“error”: 412,
“msg”: “invoke too much:eaZvmDFYIE1pbMqKqDSjf1foHMZ7J2vb”,
“data”: {

“region”: “as”

could anyone help me with that error, because i’ve searched the document there was no such error documented

can i know whats the limit of request for ewelink api next ?

Please check the document:

  • The interval of a single IP calling the all Interface should be greater than or equal to 500ms, with no more than 300 calls in 5 minutes. If you control our devices via WebSocket, please keep in mind that every user is not allowed to log in and log out repeatedly for a short period of time (Send userOnline command). Otherwise, your IP will be blocked and terminated by the server if the userOnline command are sent too many times for a short period.
  • Partners who has the business certification and enterprises that purchased the APPID have the access to [Paid APPID] to call all Interfaces without limitations for the total number of calls now but there are the same regulations for calling frequency as the above second point.
  • Developers who log in via eWeLink Developer Platform and complete the certification can use the [ Free APPID] to call OAuth2.0’s relevant interface, and the total number of requests for all interfaces in each region is limited to 50,000 times per month. If the limit is exceeded, the interface returns an HTTP status code of 403 error (not the returned parameter). The quota can continue to be used after the next month’s quota refresh. If you want to lift the limit immediately, you need to pay for an upgrade to Enterprise Edition and you can contact by email.
  • For APPID applied by enterprises and personal developers, Currently open some authorized brands of equipment, as well as mainstream equipment types (which will be released in batches soon, please stay tuned). If you have demand for other complex device types or new device types, please contact our relevant staff or email us via

so how can i tell if my ip was blocked? or the limit was reached ?
and how can i resolve that ?
can you tell me how much the subscription cost ?

from the error code the limit was reached, it should be restored after 5 minutes.

for the pricing you can check the page

Or send an email for consultation.

hi, i’ve tried to wait for more than 1 hour, but it still doesn’t return the token, and it still cannot accessed

i’ve checked now but the response was same

{“status”:200,“responseTime”:863,“error”:412,“msg”:“invoke too much:eaZvmDFYIE1pbMqKqDSjf1foHMZ7J2vb”,“data”:{},“region”:“as”}

@jiale.liu Please check this, thanks.

Hi,the meaning of this code is that your interface calls are too many times, the total number of Oauth2.0 interface calls is 50,000 times per month, you have exceeded this limit. You can upgrade to our paid member, and the total number of monthly interface calls can reach 500,000 per month. The fee is $2,000 per year.

if my calls more than 50.000 times per month are the quota reset next month ?
how the calls count ?

if i’m just using this code how much it count ?

const allDevice = await client.device.getAllThings();
let allThingInfo = allDevice.error === 0 ? : {};