Error 403: disallowd_useragent

Hi there,

I want to connect my Philips Hue account to the Ewelink app. Once I try to lig in (via the ewelink app) I get the massage of

Is there a way to solve this?

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Because eWeLink does not have permission to obtain the information of your google account, if the account you entered when linking with Philips hue is your google account, such a prompt will appear. I suggest you to consult the customer service of Philips hue and ask them how to log in to your account in this case.

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Hey Erin!

Have your team solved that one yet?

Every other app that is using Philips Hue integration is able to login to Hue with google account, but only your app cannot.

Have you done anything with this?

I have bought NSPanel only to control Philips lights and I cannot, and you are trying to tell people to go to Hue, but it is your team responsibility.

When will you solve this?

The ewelink app developer should be aware of this, as it has been enforced for some time now by google, simply you can make the link devices using external browser such as Chrome mobile instead of ewelink app, then it will work. Its a simple fix but seems unfixable since ages ago…that was the reason i purchased nspanel pro, to control my hue devices as i have a lot …

Hi, why is this still not fixed? I don’t have a user name and password for my Hue account, it was signed up for with Google login only.
I’m returning this hardware if you’re not intending on fixing this behaviour.