EARU DIM WIFI Circuit Breaker EAKCB-EWE-M, no IFTTT command to use

I bought a bunch of EARU DIM WIFI Circuit Breaker model EAKCB-EWE-M, 1P type.

Was going to integrate with IFTTT to remote control the breaker for on/off and prevent over power usage. I bought the advance plan in order to use EWElink smart home in IFTTT, the device is paired to ewelink app ok, everything is fine, just, there is no command in IFTTT to use as trigger or actions.

there trigger for switches doesn’t show my breaker device in their menu for select. so no way to go.

can you add these similar features for switch also work for breakers?? I had submit the idea to you in IFTTT too.

need to get this work soon, please support. thank you.

Sorry that the EARU DIM WIFI Circuit Breaker doesn’t support the IFTTT App yet. I have forwarded this request to the third-party platform team for further evaluation and will keep you posted if the team adds it to the roadmap.

thanks @StephenJ , any other API ways I can use to programablely control the device via eWeLink platform? thanks.