Device compatibility

please tell me whether this device will work with sonoff zb bridge pro?

There’s no such page. Try again.

It’s strange, everything opens up for me.

Perhaps it is a matter of regional blockade. Perhaps IP from the EU is an obstacle. In your case there is an offer for Ukraine (price quoted in грн.), yes?
The device is Zigbee and has the eWeLink mark on the product card. So in very high probability it will work with ZBBridge Pro. However, you never know with devices from AliExpress, because, in addition to good quality products, they trade in a variety of crap there.

you are right, I am from Ukraine. and besides, I had great difficulty in uploading the screenshot. I understand you and fully agree that you can get into complete crap on AliExpress. but so far I’ve been lucky. The only crap I bought was the SNZB-06P. I’ll take it, maybe it will be better than SNZB-06P

This device at least does not pretend to be a product of a well-known Chinese brand, so the chance of it working properly is high.
The Russkies should buy their equipment on AliExpress. Then they would lose the war in a fortnight.

Thank you !!! If it weren’t for circumventing sanctions, the second army in the world would have ended already!!!

it’s working :slight_smile:

In circumventing, the Russian state is a world master.

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Why did you put your post here? Besides, it’s a well-known fact. Nothing new under the sun :slight_smile: