Condition in multichannel devices

Hi, when setting a ANY condition on a DualR3, the action happens as a AND condition.
If DualR3_channel1 ON OR DualR3_channel2 ON → miniR2 ON.
Expected: The miniR2 turns ON if either one of the DualR3 channels are ON.
Result: The miniR2 only turns ON if both channels of the DualR3 are ON.

Could you send a screenshot to show me the scene you’ve created?


Hall entrada(MiniR2) only turns on if both channels of the dualR3 are on

Mini R2 hall entrada - Device ID 10016DC7BB

Dual R3 wc r/c - Device ID 10015F5930

Thank you

Forum8618826101392 via eWeLink Forum <> escreveu no dia sábado, 7/10/2023 à(s) 07:11:

he’s not asking to set condition based on 1 input… he wants to add both… and use an “OR” logic…

I have a similar frustration, wanting to use a iFan light state as 1 part of the rtigger, and then temperature as the other, and then have it switch the iFan on.

Sonoff does not allow you to add the same device more than once to their logic… its another frustrating limitation.

Trying to select durlR3 twice in trigger settings, one is channel 1 ON, and another is channel 2 ON, (any condition is met).

Hi, thanks for the suggestion but as Thomas5 referred, Sonoff does not allow you to add the same device more than once as a condition.

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Any ideias on what is going on with multichannel devices?

Its been two moths and no development on the subject.