Calling Content Creators

Hi eWeLink user,

We’re calling content creators now! Many eWeLink users are imaginative and creative. Honestly, you guys inspired us a lot, so your creativity should be seen and ultimately inspire more other users.

Don’t hesitate to share your creative content now. Upload your installation, DIY projects, clips captured by the camera, and any other eWeLink related content to [Google Forms]. After submission, please grant eWeLink to edit your photos or videos if necessary. Before posting your content on social media and other platforms, we’ll ask for your permission.


  • Submitted content will be reviewed during business days. We’ll email you before posting your content.
  • Users who are selected as Creator of the Month will receive another email about giveaway delivery.
  • This is a long-term program. You’re always welcome to upload fun content about your eWeLink experience AGAIN.

Please hit this link to submit your content.
Let your creativity inspire more users.

POST your creation in this thread is also welcoming.

Dears does integrations of sonoff with home assistant counts?

Sure it counts! Don’t hesitate to show us how you integrate and provide some details of it. Can’t wait :smiley: