Boiler connection questionnaire

I mentioned on the questionnaire that I already use one of these to connect my iHost to by boiler using MQTT as the associated EBUS daemon (is a docker image) outputs MQTT messages and can be controlled by them. It struck me you wouldn’t know what I was talking about so here is the link: Willkommen zum eBUS Adapter Shield v5! - eBUS Adapter Shield v5
Cost is about €30 including postage, case and tax. Not a straightforward setup experience though. I don’t run the EBUS Daemon on the iHost as I have it elsewhere but I think it works on the iHost. Also lots of people don’t have iHosts or anywhere to run the Daemon, but it’s not very complicated and can be run on one of the cheaper Raspberry Pi so I can still see it being of use for EBUS boilers where

  1. want easy setup or
  2. don’t own anywhere to run daemon or
  3. don’t own a device that can see MQTT messages.
    There is a home assistant integration but I have up trying to get it to work and just use MQTT. Would be nice if I could get it in the “energy” usage of my house some how.

Hey thx for the info!

@Daniel_Zhan FYI