Are TRVZB Radiator valves fit for purpose? Incremental changes, or all on/all off?

Just playing with my new TRVZB, and it looks to me that the valve is either all ON, or all OFF. It doesn’t have step increments like my Wiser TRV’s or indeed the old mechanical TRV’s, which allow variable amounts of hot water through the valve, so that eventually the TRV finds a sweet spot where it doesn’t need to alter much or at all, because the room temperature and radiator temperature are in equilibrium.

This all on/off approach is crappy. Means the room temperature is NEVER stable, always cycling up/down, and the valve is permanently switching on/off, draining the batteries quickly. And these valves aren’t exactly quiet (at least compared to my Wiser TRVs) so that noise might get annoying, especially at night.

I know the temperature sensor is, in theory, able to detect temp diffs of 0.5C, but in practice this will probably mean the room temperature might cycle up/down by 2 or 3 degrees C, possibly more. Hardly ideal.

Anyone know of any plans to upgrade the firmware to allow a more incremental, fine-tuned approach? It can’t be that hard, surely?

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no one have any answers or suggestions?

Probably only ITEAD Studio employees can have such knowledge…

I think it would be very dependent on the hardware, so I don’t expect them to implement it in software. I would imagine a DC motor moving all the way to one side or the other, no enconder…

I’d definitely also welcome such an update on this matter.
There are use cases where this simple logic just doesn’t cut it :- :thinking:

@sgz-sonoff You are asking for the same functionality as @jaap.devries in this request More settings needed for TRVZB … let’s build the demand together!

@Alexie is it possible to merge discussions such as this one and More settings needed for TRVZB?